Developers have usual tricks concerning backups (please read “Backups and storage media”) and protecting their machine against attacks.

Looking for a way to protect pcs from any kind of attack?

Under Windows OS, the user will have to install and configure a series of softwares :

There’s another way that can make it easier to protect a local machine : DeepFreeze is a software that freezes the OS partition and leaves the other partitions thawed. So, even under the heaviest attack, the system files will be intact at reboot. This software has 2 constraints :

  • you need to purchase it (32,40 euros for a Standard Edition – Windows version)
  • you need to deactivate DeepFreeze and reboot before modifying the registry (installing a software,…)

This software has also been developed in Mac and Linux versions.

Under Linux OS, virus subversion is much more difficult thanks to the OS architecture, its user and group permission strategies and its moderate spread in the general public. But do not forget to configure your OS correctly, though.


Faronics – DeepFreeze


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