Welcome to od2dev

Welcome to od2dev.

Launched in the Fall of 2009, this blog is meant as a reminder to share PHP & MySQL developer’s hints and concerns.

As the web is constantly evolving, developers have to adapt in a number of specialized fields.

Freelance Web developers have to be ready to take up :

  • Database Administration (needs analysis, database normalization, query language terminology, data import and treatment, database server configuration and versions,…)
  • Web Server Administration (handling Apache)
  • Server-side programming (PHP5 in my case, object -oriented programming)
  • Client-side programming (W3C standards, (X)HTML, CSS, javascript,…)
  • HTML integration
  • Web design (the building of professional lay-outs, perfectly suiting the client’s needs in terms of communication)
  • Sales manager and customer service
  • troubleshooting in all these fields

Feel free to comment where relevant.

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