Online OSYour future computer may be an online computer. Your local device will be limited to a keyboard, screen and ethernet card.

Online tools like Splashup (online image editing) offer surprising tools for processing images online :

Why not try an online OS, then?

I had an insight into EyeOS this evening. Amazing!


Once the 3.18 Mb eyeOS.zip downloaded, I uncompressed it and uploaded it to my web server (shared host). I opened Iron Browser and launched http://www.mydomain.be/eyeOS/. EyeOS installer starts automatically. Just login with your root password and discover it.

EyeOS uses AJAX and provides you very useful online tools (calendar, rss reader, word processor, calculator,…). As an OS, it allows you to share your files, agenda,… with the other users of the system.

Built with modules and young as it is, it’s really promising.

Give it a try. It’s free software…

Webliography :



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