I launched this blog in December 2009 just after discovering the powerful Open Source WordPress project.

I’ve been involved in web development since 2002 and have developed or co-developed a series of private, charity and business web projects for Belgian and French partners

With an MA in Germanic Languages and an 11-year experience in teaching (in 2010), I’ve chosen to publish bilingual articles (English-French). Surfing the web having been my main source of personal computer development, I thought it would be right to further share this knowledge.

My goal is here to provide would-be webdevelopers with appropriate advice in the field through my essentials in Webdevelopment, some code snippets and even tutorials. Building a blog of backlinks is not my purpose.

The web development fields I’ll mainly focus on are PHP5, Mysql5, SEO (search engine optimization) and related subjects.

Hope you’ll find what you’re looking for…


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