From Windows to Linux to Mac

Santa Claus has dropped a present a bit earlier than usual, this year :

Mac book Pro 13.3" 2.4 GHz 4Go 250Go Mac OSx 10.6

a Mac book Pro 13.3″ 2.4 GHz 4Go 250Go Mac OSx 10.6

I used to develop on a Linux desktop with twinview (2 screens) and on netbooks (Asus EEEPC 10″ (Windows XP) and Asus N10 (Windows Vista)) and I needed to relieve my eyesight. So, I wanted to buy a 13″ screen notebook. I had always been a bit reluctant to buying Apple stuff since they’re a bit more expensive than “hardware equivalent” solutions. This time, I’ve changed my mind and chose this MacBook Pro 13.3″ which cost about 1.100 €.

Needless to say I have no regrets. It’s a beautiful object with great embedded apps like Time machine (auto save of data on external HD), Automator (creating script to load at startup, for example),…

For Web developing purposes I’ve insatlled :

  • Aptana
  • Mamp (Apache, MySql & PHP for Mac)

Installling software is very straightforward (simple use of .dmg files) and Aptana (PHP editor based on Eclipse-Java) is very resource-hungry under Windows and Linux OpenSuse but seems much lighter on the MacBook.

It took me half a day to first start the MacBook and configure it to my needs whereas my last Windows netbook took me a week to configure (to have the OS precisely do what I wanted it to do).

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